Programs and Services

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Virtual Assistant Services

Need help with your day to day operations?

Running a business is tough, but hiring an assistant can make it easier. Virtual assistants are for everything from answering phones and making travel arrangements to scheduling meetings all while saving you time! Contact us for more information!


Janitorial Services

Need professional help with cleaning your office?

We take pride in being the company that cares about your property. We have a team of professionals who are up for any job and ready to handle projects with skill, experience & integrity you’ve come accustomed too from us!

Consulting Services

Startup & Small Business Services

We are a leading academic school with excellent examination results, and impressive progression to top universities in this country and abroad.

David Hughes

Founder, Green Valley International

Mobile Notary

Need a Mobile Notary Public?

Notaries are an essential part of any business or transaction that requires legal proof. There’s more than one type for each state, but they all serve similar purposes- to verify the accuracy and authenticity of documents with their seal on them so you know what is being said about your company has been accurately represented as true from start to finish!

Management Services

Need help with your project?

We are uniquely qualified to lead your cross-functional team in productivity and deliver on expectations. We’ll make sure you meet all of our goals with integrity, efficiency, professionalism – not just this year but every single one!

Want to Write and Publish Your Book?

Allow us to help you get your book written and published.